In light of current events, the INKsplaT+ team is asking:


How do we progress an art form based on human connection and collaboration in times of isolation and separation?

Cut to - the INKsplaT+ Screen Series.

Each session will connect a Virtual Choreographer with dancers around the world. Dancers will submit short video clips responding to prompts or tasks provided by the Virtual Director, who will then make selects, design a storyboard, and ultimately create a short dance film from the submitted material.

Our main goal is to keep artists creating.  

We know this approach will help forge new artistic relationships, new ways of working as dance artists in the digital age, and more than anything promote connectivity in the face of detachment.

The INKsplaT+ Screen Series will work in accordance with the INKsplaT+ philosophies as we continue to develop our live practice sessions.

Upcoming Choreographers:


To Be Announced!


WHAT is INKsplaT+ ?

INKsplaT+ (ink splat) is an INKubator for choreographers and dancers to discover and create.

Each two-hour session will begin with a technical warm up followed by a skeleton crew workshop.  

The weekly rotating choreographer will collaborate with participants to make new material for future projects, to explore new strategies for creation, or to just have fun!

Class is open to all professional dance and movement artists, as well as pre-professionals with at least 3 years of dance training.


WHY INKsplaT+ ?

Ink : ink is liquid.  It is messy, flowing, and malleable. 

Splat : the sound made when bodies and ideas are thrown together. 

+ : addition and positivity. INKSplaT+ believes the addition of open minds, creative voices, and willing bodies can only lead to positive results

HOW to INKsplaT+ :



INKsplaT+ allows choreographers to meet Los Angeles based dancers who are new to them or discover things about dancers they know by promoting investigation and welcoming dancers from all backgrounds.


INKsplaT+ supports dancers by offering affordable and consistent training in addition to the opportunity to hone skills in creative processing and collaboration.


INKsplaT+ dispels superficial notions of Hollywood by emphasizing a product free environment.

As Choreographers and Dancers, we promise to:

- Venture into the unknown
- Lean into fear
- Find value in all bodies
- Surprise ourselves
- Protect ourselves and others
- Question the status quo 
- Welcome opportunities to laugh

- Enjoy the process

Nicole Berger

Program Director

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Andrew Pearson

Program Manager

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