April 2019

 Lately I've been reflecting on Bodies in Play, as a platform.  What's its function?  What's its purpose? Where is it going?

 I've been seeing a lot of shows and am in the process of developing new productions, thus interrogating where (or how?) the work of Bodies in Play fits within the current landscape.

   Originally, Bodies in Play spawned as a platform to combine my interests and backgrounds in dance, movement theater, and fitness.  Recently, I've been investigating where my own interests can intersect with the interests and needs of a larger community.  How can I support other art makers?  How can I support audiences?  How can I support physical practitioners? 

   These questions haven't yet lead me to answer exactly what IS Bodies in Play (a collective? the foundation for a company? a concept?), but they have lead me to sharpen my focus on the goals and mission for the platform.

   In doing so, I've revamped some of the language describing Bodies in Play, which I will share with you now.


Under the playful guidance of Andrew Pearson,

Bodies in Play serves as a playground for performance and education,

made up of  an ever- expanding roster of artistic playmates. 

In addition to facilitating classes and workshops, 

Bodies in Play produces live performance experiences

through collaboration, cultural interrogation, and theatrical conglomeration

in order to simultaneously promote frivolity and inquiry in both performer and audience,

supported by a belief that a body in play is equal parts entertaining, inspiring, and rebellious.

In short: ​

Through Bodies in Play, we make serious art, without taking ourselves too seriously.

Beliefs and Values:

Bodies in Play believes there is no separation between mind and body.  

To better the mind is to better the body and vis versa.

Bodies in Play believes becoming a better artist is synonymous with becoming a better citizen. 

Our playmates do this by continually stepping outside of our comfort zones.  

Bodies in Play believes that growth is uncomfortable, but laughter helps.

Bodies in Play values all bodies and understands that the body is first to be stereotyped, discriminated against, and politicized.  

Bodies in Play confronts this by valuing physical prowess, self-awareness, ingenuity and humor in the pursuit of taking back the narrative of our own bodies.

Education Philosophy:

Bodies in Play is a physical practice informed by Western dance traditions, Easter philosophies,

and holistic approaches to fitness and exercise,

developed by Los Angeles based movement artist Andrew Pearson. 

The Bodies in Play training philosophy operates on three core beliefs:

1)  The body is an instrument - in order to be played well, it must be well-tuned

2)  Play is essential - and can relieve stress, improve brain function, stimulate creativity, improve empathy, and promote vitality

3)  To become a better Artist is to become a better Citizen - and requires increased awareness, reflection, inquiry, and joy

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