Black Lives Matter

As we enter into Pride month 2020, here in Los Angeles, my thoughts go toward the black and brown bodies on the frontline of the Stonewall uprising and the 1967 Black Cat police raid in the Silver Lake neighborhood of LA. People like Marsha P. Johnson and Stormé DeLarverie who put their lives in harms way to actively stand up against police brutality. These courageous humans made it possible for me to freely walk down the street hand in hand with my partner. They made it possible for my body, and bodies that look like mine, to play freely.

Myself and so many like me are indebted to black and brown bodies, and I dedicate my pride this month to you.

I am a proud and out anti-racist, this month and every month.

I am proud to affirm that Bodies in Play and all artists associated are also and will always be anti-racist.

I am proud of my black and brown friends and colleagues who have made amazing contributions to art, culture, and the progression of human rights.

I proudly acknowledge that I will never understand your struggles, but will proudly continue to stand with you in solidarity, or sit down and shut up when it’s time to listen so your stories can be heard.

I proudly admit that you know better than I, and will humbly accept criticism and suggestions when I inevitably make mistakes.

I proudly recognize this affirmation is not enough, and I’m dedicated to continue to take action until all bodies are free to play without harm or consequence.

Black Lives Matter.

YOU matter.

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