Introducing Bodies in Play

October, 2017

Dearest Friend/Colleague/Collaborator,

You are recieving this email because you have at some point, in some way, showed interest in my creative work.

I'm writing to now invite you to join my official mailing list.  It will be used for blasting upcoming classes/workshops and performances as well as the periodic life and career updates.  I promise to do my best to keep emails to a minimum as to not abuse this platform.

I also wanted to take a moment to address my change in title.  Many of you are probably wondering what happened to "Contemporary Dance Practice:LA."  After thoughtful reflection and careful consideration, I've decided to retire CDPLA for the title Andrew Pearson MOVES Bodies in Play - A Los Angeles Based Movement Artist.  I hope this change will not only clarify the fact that I am working as a freelance artist, rather than as a company, but also invite more inclusivity for my artistic and eductional practices.

The word "dance" can feel intimidating for bodies and movers with non-dance histories and often conjures images of specific skill sets (and let's face it, triple leg hold turns, the splits, and switch leaps just aren't in my wheel house).  Over the past several months, I have performed in an opera as the physical embodiment of the lead singer's voice and was the only nonspeaking performer in a devised theater piece; I have taught body mechanics workshops for a somatics festival as well as been hired to teach "movement for actors" workshops by two local studios; and I worked on two different music videos where I was asked to create choreography for singers with no formal dance training.  These experiences, in conjunction with my decision to step away from performing with the LA Contemporary Dance Company, suggested it was time for a new chapter and new approach.

With this said, dance will always be part of my practice.  Being a dancer is part of my identity, and I will continue to train dancers, perform in dances, and create dance work.  This refocus is more about marrying my interest in the body as a creative vessel with my history as a trained dancer.  Rather than a denouncing of any aspect of my practice, it is a highlighting of all aspects.

I feel excited about all that lies ahead, and hope you will continue to join me in this journey.  Submit your email address below to continue to recieve updates.

With Gratitude and Admiration,

Andrew Pearson

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