In accordance with the Bodies in Play beliefs and values,
the following resources are recommended for artists committed to welcoming all bodies
into rehearsal and performance spaces.
While there is full intention to keep this list growing,
it must be acknowledged that it will never be an exhaustive guide.
It cannot include lived experience, conversation, or the multitudes of social media content that go into shaping beliefs and values.
It can, however, serve as a tangible starting point for
conversations, questioning the status quo, and expanding understanding.
Phrases We Should Eliminate in the Rehearsal Room (Article)
The Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture
Racism and Contemporary Dance (Short Film)
We See You, White American Theater (Statement)
Seeing White (Podcast)
No Impact Man and How to be Alive by Colin Beavan (Books)
John Leguizamo's Latin History for Morons (Netflix Special)
Axis Dance Company's Resources for Physically-Integrated Dance
Intro to Alice Sheppard's The Learning Curve (Short Film)
What I Think About When I Hear That Broadway Is Racist (Article)
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz (Book)
Resmaa Menakem speaks with On Being (Podcast)
Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen (Book)
Gender and Sexuality Workshop with Andy Cofino
Alok on The Business of Fashion (Video)
Making Dance Studios More Gender-Inclusive (Article)
The Body is Not an Apology (Instagram)
The Power of Vulnerability (Book or Ted Talk)
Dear White People (Netflix Series)
Recognizing Systemic Racism in Dance
As founder of Bodies in Play, I am committed to always continuing my own education in support of all artists' physical empowerment and autonomy,
and promise to share resources and knowledge freely and broadly. 
May we all forever be Bodies, in Play. 
-- Andrew Pearson
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